Facebook Town Hall: Economic Development

“My fundamental belief system is that nobody who works fulltime in this country should have to be homeless or suffering and struggling to the extent that they can’t afford to live anywhere, they can’t afford the basic necessities of food and shelter.”

Dr. Enoch discusses economic development and job creation in a Facebook Live event.

Facebook Town Hall: About Me

“What it means, having a doctorate in public policy and social change, is that I understand policy.”

Dr. Enoch introduces herself in a Facebook Live event.

Facebook Town Hall: Health Care Chat

“Healthcare is a right. It should be a right in this country. And it is something we have not yet acknowledged as a right. So many of us work jobs every day and we struggle to pay our medical bills.”

Dr. Enoch addresses health care costs in a Facebook Live event.

Separating Families at the Border is Immoral

I am truly outraged by The Trump Administration’s “zero tolerance” policy of separating children from their parents. As much as I believe in the rule of law, what we are witnessing in southern US Border States is nothing short of a humanitarian crisis. Every mother who has ever nursed a baby understands the pain and the horror of ripping a child from his or her mother’s breast.

Separating families is immoral, inhumane, and indefensible. This practice is a cruel and heartless. It is unimaginable that anyone would use these babies as political bargaining chips. Children are being caged like animals. This is an indictment on this administration and the current Congress; they have become complicit in facilitating this moral crisis on our nation’s soil. If we as Americans don’t stand up and speak out against this atrocity, it is an indictment on the entire nation.

I urge the faith community to come out of the shadows on this one. For far too long, us believers have kept quiet when we knew we should have spoken up. I urge all faith leaders, and anyone who has a moral center to join me in fasting and prayer for these children, to culminate in a day of action on June 30, 2018. This is not the time to keep silent.

~Dr. Vanessa Enoch

(Picture credit: Joe Brusky)

I Took the Pledge

I took the pledge to not take money from the oil and gas industry, because I believe Americans deserve public servants who will put them first and make decisions that are in the best interest of the people and not big money interests.

Speech in Darke County

“I grew up in a family where I learned good Christian values, such as ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’ and ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’”

Dr. Vanessa Enoch Speaks in Darke County, OH, on April 23, 2018.


Lakota West Students Participated in Walk-out by sitting in.

Today, students at Lakota West participated in the school walk out by hosting a school sanctioned time of silence to honor victims of the latest mass school shooting. Our students understand that gun violence is serious, and given the several recent school shootings, many students say they fear for their lives. They are leaders in a movement to put an end to school shootings. Like Dr. Vanessa Enoch, students across the US are advocating for taking assault riffles out of the hands of civilians. The Bible says “the children will lead them”. We cannot ignore the voices of our young people. Many Lakota West High School students and students throughout District 8 will be old enough to vote this year, and most of them will be able to vote by the next presidential election. If we don’t hear them now, we will hear their vote in November 2020. It is time for change!

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Dr. Enoch’s Powerful Speech at the Women’s March

“There is an old adage that says, ‘If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.’ For far too long, women and children in Hamilton County have been on the menu.”

From Dr. Enoch’s speech at the Women’s March in Cincinnati, Ohio, January 25, 2018.