Empowering Women

This administration has ignored women’s issues. Over the past year, violence against women has been glamorized and the exploitation of women has been normalized, and the real issues that impact women have been left off of the national agenda. The absence of representation of women in DC means that our voices have been excluded and our exclusion has become ever more obvious during this administration, as men fail miserably in an attempt to determine policies surrounding our healthcare economic and social wellbeing.

For two years in a row, millions of women across this country have organized to make a very definitive statement that we will no longer tolerate being ignored. Men in Washington DC are voting to exclude the cost of reproductive health services, including prenatal care and delivering babies from coverage under insurance plans. Locally, Dr. Enoch was one of the organizers of the 2020 Women’s March that for the past few years has been on the frontlines fighting for women’s reproductive rights and women’s right to make their own healthcare choices. Dr. Enoch believes that healthcare decisions should be made between a woman and her doctor, including decisions concerning women’s reproductive health.

Women deserve economic justice (the right to be paid a living wage, protection from job discrimination, and pay equity). The continual absence of women in the national legislature means that we will continue to be pushed to the fringes and ignored in Washington. Voting for Dr. Vanessa Enoch means that you will put a woman in office that understands the challenges of women from all walks of life. As a first generation college grad, I come from humble beginnings. I worked my way through college, and I have a substantial amount of student loans as a result. I know the frustrations of women across this country, and I will carry the message of the women from the 8th District in Ohio to Washington D.C. I will fight for gender equality and our right to be recognized as full citizens under the constitution of the United States. A vote for me means a win for women and a win for our children!