Jobs, Economic Growth and Opportunity

The current administration wishes to roll back the glory days when coal was the energy source of choice. Ohio in particular prospered when coal was one of the primary sources of energy. At the risk of missing the next great opportunity for advancement and progress, we have to look toward the future and identify new clean energy sources that will take into consideration the health and well being of our children and their children. Economic growth has to be rooted in practical solutions for solving tomorrows problems, rather than looking back nostalgically at the glory days of old. We won’t accomplish anything by going back in time to rotary dial phones in phone booths and black and white televisions. We must generate employment opportunities in areas that are in demand now, and that will be in demand in the future. We need jobs. Access to training and education to ensure our workers are qualified for the future and the coming challenges to our country’s workforce. This can only be achieved by a common realization and bipartisan action. We must take a critical look at what’s coming down the pike and not jeopardize ​our future as a world power through making choices that will take us back in time, while the rest of the world continues to move forward.