Advocating for Public Education

During my formative years, I attended Catholic Schools. I also paid to send my children to private Christian schools. During times that my parents and I could no longer afford private education, we appreciated the option to send our children to a public school. I am a graduate of public schools, and I believe we cannot sacrifice a quality public education school system in favor of funding private education for the wealthy and those of reasonable means who can afford to pay to send their children to private schools. We cannot afford to leave the majority of our nations children behind for the sake of individuals who can choose to access choice private educational opportunities. We are a sum total of all of our children. If we choose not to educate our children, we are planning the demise of our country. Legislators in Washington have set forth an agenda that is set to extract money out of our public education systems for the benefit of the 1% (the nations wealthy). This is to the detriment of the rest of us citizens.