Lakota West Students Participated in Walk-out by sitting in. Support the kids canvass this weekend in West Chester

Today, students at Lakota West participated in the school walk out by hosting a school sanctioned time of silence to honor victims of the latest mass school shooting. Our students understand that gun violence is serious, and given the several recent school shootings, many students say they fear for their lives. They are leaders in a movement to put an end to school shootings. Like Dr. Vanessa Enoch, students across the US are advocating for taking assault riffles out of the hands of civilians. The Bible says “the children will lead them”. We cannot ignore the voices of our young people. Many Lakota West High School students and students throughout District 8 will be old enough to vote this year, and most of them will be able to vote by the next presidential election. If we don’t hear them now, we will hear their vote in November 2020. It is time for change!

On Saturday, March 17th from 2:00pm-6:00pm we are organizing a young people’s day of action. They will be canvassing neighborhoods for our campaign, and registering people to vote. The first 28 will receive a free t-shirt. We will have a pizza party for all participants after the event. If you know a student who wants to participate, please email

Donate to cover the cost of pizza or a t-shirt for young people. A donation of $28 will buy a t-shirt and pizza for one child.

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