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“Dr. Enoch said, ‘I’m going to continue to listen to the voters to hear what their priorities are.'”

Dr. Enoch to face Davidson in November


2018 Darke County Primary Election Results

Only 23.9% of voters turnout for Primary


“The Blue Wave is also turning out to be a Pink Wave.”

Women Win Big in House Primaries Last Night


Democratic candidate Theresa Gasper won the primary for the 10th Congressional district

Democratic rival: Rep. Turner’s ‘running scared’ already


“[O]ne-third of the nominees for the House in the four states were women; 27 were winners, of which 30% were women of color.”

A female wave sweeps the primaries


Women dominated Butler County politics in Tuesday night’s primary election.

Why Tuesday’s election wins were historic in Butler County


Vanessa Enoch wins the Democratic Primary for Ohio’s Eighth District.

Ohio Primary Election Results: Eighth House District


Dr. Enoch and others address audience questions.

Candidates share opinions on issues facing Ohioans


Miami Student News-An Endorsement for Dr. Vanessa Enoch & Becky Howard



Who is running for Congress locally? Field is taking shape

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