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Gun Violence

Recently, gun violence has become a hot button issue across this country. I believe in the second amendment, and that responsible adult citizens should have the right to defend and protect themselves. I believe there is absolutely no good use for civilian ownership of weapons of warfare. We need sensible gun legislation that rids ordinary citizens of bump stocks and other gun modifiers that make semi-automatic firearms fire faster. Shootings, such as those which have taken the lives of citizens at social events, in churches, and has taken the lives of school children across this country demonstrates the hazards of warfare weapons ending up in the hands of civilians. We should not be afraid to assemble at recreational events, and our children should not be in fear of their lives at school. Similarly, I believe that arming teachers is a terrible idea! Teachers are not trained law enforcement, and should not have to be worried about being trained in firearms. Schools should not be war zones. If we concentrate on keeping weapons out of the hands of individuals who show the propensity to abuse them and to harm others, we can curb the incidents of gun violence.

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The Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis is by far the biggest issue that we as Ohioans face right now. Drug addiction is wreaking havoc on our cities, and Ohio leads the nation in overdose deaths! We cannot ignore the problem, and the problem is not going to go away on its own. It will take efforts to identify the root of the addiction problem, beginning with those who are bringing the drugs into our country. Some of the drugs, which have fallen into the hands of ordinary citizens have not originated in Ohio. And oftentimes, drug addiction starts when a physician prescribes drugs for a legitimate health issue. In these cases, treatment is needed. This means we need to fund treatment facilities, and to stop incarcerating people with drug addictions. We also need a public awareness campaign to help citizens better understand the symptoms of when a loved one is in addiction trouble, so that they can receive the care that they need. This is a national crisis and the solution should start in Ohio. We got it wrong on dealing with drug abuse during the crack cocaine crisis, and we finally recognized that incarceration is not the most effective way to treat drug addiction. We cannot turn back the clock and start a new War on People, disguised as a War on Drugs!

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Empowering Women

This administration has ignored women’s issues. Over the past year, violence against women has been glamorized and the exploitation of women has been normalized, and the real issues that impact women have been left off of the national agenda. The absence of representation of women in DC means that our voices have been excluded and our exclusion has become ever more obvious during this administration, as men fail miserably in an attempt to determine policies surrounding our healthcare economic and social wellbeing. For two years in a row, millions of women across this country have organized to make a very definitive statement that we will no longer tolerate being ignored. Men in Washington DC are voting to exclude the cost of reproductive health services, including prenatal care and delivering babies from coverage under insurance plans.

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Women deserve economic justice (the right to be paid a living wage, protection from job discrimination, and pay equity). The continual absence of women in the national legislature means that we will continue to be pushed to the fringes and ignored in Washington. Voting for Dr. Vanessa Enoch means that you will put a woman in office that understands the challenges of women from all walks of life. As a first generation college grad, I come from humble beginnings. I worked my way through college, and I have a substantial amount of student loans as a result. I know the frustrations of women across this country, and I will carry the message of the women from the 8th District in Ohio to Washington D.C. I will fight for gender equality and our right to be recognized as full citizens under the constitution of the United States. A vote for me means a win for women and a win for our children! (Learn more about women’s issues http://www.womeningovernment.org/about-us)

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Reducing Rising Healthcare Costs

Healthcare costs are outrageous. It is a travesty to go to work every day and pay insurance premiums every month, and to be prevented from going to the doctor due to high deductibles. The cost of health care is rising faster than the cost of inflation, and the managed care system has gotten between the patient and his or her physician. Essentially, we have allowed managed care systems to be the supreme determining factor in what healthcare solutions to employ. This prevents the opportunity for introducing medical advancements and innovative treatment methods. We need to look at the true cost of providing healthcare. The cost of a single aspirin can cost $30 per pill in the E.R., which is more than six times the price for a bottle of them at the drug store. The fundamental laws of supply and demand should mean that when you are buying in bulk that the cost of purchasing should be lower and not higher.

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Promoting Public Education

During my formative years, I attended Catholic Schools. I also paid to send my children to private Christian schools. During times that my parents and me could no longer afford private education, we appreciated the option to send our children to a public school. I am a graduate of public schools, and I believe we cannot sacrifice a quality public education school system in favor of funding private education for the wealthy and those of reasonable means who can afford to pay to send their children to private schools. We cannot afford to leave the majority of our nations children behind for the sake of individuals who can choose to access choice private educational opportunities. We are a sum total of all of our children. If we choose not to educate our children, we are planning the demise of our country. Legislators in Washington have set forth an agenda that is set to extract money out of our public education systems for the benefit of the 1% (the nations wealthy). This is to the detriment of the rest of us citizens.

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Jobs, Economic Growth & Opportunity

The current administration wishes to roll back the glory days when coal was the energy source of choice. Ohio in particular prospered when coal was one of the primary sources of energy. At the risk of missing the next great opportunity for advancement and progress, we have to look toward the future and identify new clean energy sources that will take into consideration the health and well being of our children and their children. Economic growth has to be rooted in practical solutions for solving tomorrows problems, rather than looking back nostalgically at the glory days of old. We won’t accomplish anything by going back in time to rotary dial phones in phone booths and black and white televisions. We must generate employment opportunities in areas that are in demand now, and that will be in demand in the future. We need jobs. Access to training and education to ensure our workers are qualified for the future and the coming challenges to our country’s workforce. This can only be achieved by a common realization and bipartisan action. We must take a critical look at what’s coming down the pike and not jeopardize ​our future as a world power through making choices that will take us back in time, while the rest of the world continues to move forward.

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End Human Trafficking

My desire is to advance policy efforts to eliminate all forms of modern day slavery. According to WKBN, a Youngstown, OH news outlet, Ohio ranks number five in the nation for the most human trafficking cases. The problem is so big that a Human Trafficking Task Force was formed through the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. The operation utilizes state, local and federal law enforcement resources. Last year, 103 people were arrested for prostitution through the group’s efforts.

Although our first priority must be to keep women and children safe here at home; and that means identifying the source of human trafficking and attacking the problem comprehensively. As world leaders it would be unconscionable to not reach beyond our borders to lend a hand to the global community. Furthermore, in order to get to the root of the problem cross border communications is a must.

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End Mass Incarceration

After several decades of a failed War on Drugs, we finally began to get it right. We stopped criminalizing those addicted to drugs and low-level drug offenders and began focusing attention on big time drug traffickers and those smuggling drugs into the country. Now, in the midst of a major opioid crisis, public officials at the Department of Justice have re-ignited the War on Drugs. Essentially, this is a War on People, which attacks those that are most critically impacted and who are in need of treatment. They are our nations workforce, our young people, and our future. We need smart solutions to the drug crisis, and offer treatment options to get people off drugs and back to being productive members of society.

Mass incarceration has lead to abuse and the exploitation of the incarcerated population, and the high numbers of poor and African American citizens is reflective of this nation’s past and the horrors of slavery and the Jim Crow system. And, similar to the institution of slavery, the 13th Amendment has sanctioned the atrocities, and our public officials have become complicit in the support of the new slave system. Individuals are doing hard labor and compensated at a rate of $.10 an hour in Ohio. Sadly, our children are subjected to these same systems. In Ohio, it costs taxpayers approximately $220,000 per year to incarcerate a child. The fact that tax payers are only spending $9000-$12,000 per year to educate them in the public school system creates the opportunity to exploit tax payers. Children should be educated, not incarcerated. The profit motive makes mass incarceration a U.S. and an Ohio problem, because while government bureaucrats, attorneys, and private prison owners are getting richer, our taxes continue to rise to cover the cost of housing many low level drug offenders.

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Advancing Technology & Guarding Against Regression

The FCC, along with the current administration is proposing that we limit internet access, and create barriers to communication. Most of us have become accustomed to the use of technology as part of our daily lives. We use the internet to pay our bills, watch movies, and communicate with the outside world through email, text messaging, and through social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snap Chat). The Internet superhighway is as germane to us as the expressways we travel to move from place-to-place. As Americans, we value today’s technology, which brings us closer to our children, grandchildren, and family members far and near. The internet opens the door of opportunity and makes the world more accessible. Many of us work or attend school online. Like many of the decisions made this past year, the repeal of Net Neutrality set America backwards 68 years. We cannot afford to walk backwards in time. Our competitive future and our position in the global community depends on our ability to continue to advance, and we need an educated populace and progressive ideas to move forward and guard against regression.

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Social Security

I will support legislation that repeals the income tax on social security. Social security deductions are not pre-tax deductions from our wages, so to tax social security income when we retire is a double taxation that we are all subject to. Upon retirement, our seniors rely on their monthly checks to cover the essentials of living. Passing legislation to stop this double taxation will free up more money to support the challenges of being on a fixed income and meeting basic expenses.

Support For Our Veterans

My father, grandfather, uncles, and many close male and female friends served in our country’s armed forces. It is troubling to me to see men and women who have courageously served our country become homeless and living on the street. We must provide services to our veterans to ensure their security here at home. Veterans must have support systems and better communication to let them know what services are available to them. We must ensure that Veterans Administration Hospital Systems are just as equipped as all other healthcare systems in America. Our VA healthcare systems should not be providing subpar healthcare, and those systems should include better care for mental health, PTSD, and strategies for reducing wait times.

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