Vanessa’s Vision

I am so excited to launch this campaign for the people of the 8th Congressional District in Ohio!

I am running for US Congress because I am frustrated with Washington bureaucrats ignoring the voices of the American populace. I believe that Americans deserve elected officials who actually care about the people. Like many American’s, I have watched in horror as legislators in Washington have created policies that take hard-earned dollars from hardworking citizens, and line the pockets of the wealthy. I have become incensed at the audacity of public officials who have blatantly passed laws to the detriment of the majority of Americans. I am disgraced by the moral decay and the exploitation of women and children among current lawmakers.

My vision is to establish a more Responsible Government

We need improved access to education, good paying jobs, and healthcare, and we need more citizen participation in government. We need a strong public school system that enables every child the ability to succeed, and the opportunity to realize the goal of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! I also desire to see policies that promote the improvement and redevelopment of our cities and communities. We need clean air and water, and legislators who will create policies that will protect our environment, plants and animals, and our food supply. We should never rely on international production of our food. It is too risky! We also should not be subjected to genetically modified organisms for food consumption.

I desire to see a criminal justice system that incarcerates real criminals, and prosecutes real crime. Currently, there are loopholes in the system that unjustly and unfairly criminalizes and marginalizes Blacks, Hispanics, children, poor people, and the mentally ill, for the sake of profit. Our criminal justice system must be reformed to reflect our commitment to the establishment of safe communities, and to ensure that individuals who legitimately commit crimes are punished.

Americans need policies that will protect the general welfare of all American citizens. I believe that we must put American interests above all. We need to ensure that our international policies improve conditions for American people, and businesses which keep jobs in this country should benefit from their commitment to growing food and producing products locally. Many years ago, I lost my good paying job at one of America’s wealthiest corporations, when they became the first company in the US to outsource. Since then, numerous job opportunities have gone the way of outsourcing. We must invest in jobs of the future, so that we can put Americans back to work.

I also believe that we need to establish a pathway to citizenship. Children who are raised in America should have the opportunity to become productive tax paying citizens. We must ensure that our policies are humane and takes the protection of the family unit into consideration, as we consider the best policies to ensure lawful immigration and naturalization.


On November 6th, 2018, I need your vote to win!