About Ohio's 8th Congressional District


Ohio's 8th congressional district (OH08) sits along the west side of Ohio, bordering Indiana. The 8th District represents Butler County, Clark County, Darke County, Miami County, Preble County, and a part of Mercer County.  It includes cities such as Eaton, Fairfield, Greenville, Hamilton, Middletown,  Piqua, Springfield, and Troy.

Am I in the 8th District?

Here's a map of the 8th district from GovTrack.us (also shown below), or enter your ZIP code here on house.gov . If your ZIP has multiple districts, you can then enter your street address for more precise results.

Brief Overview

The following data, per the U.S. Census Bureau, was part of the 2018 American Community Survey (ACS) so please bear in mind that these statistics are 2 years old.

Ohio's 8th Congressional District

  • Population: 731,637
  • 50.9% Female, 49.1% Male
  • High school graduation rate: 90.2%
  • College graduation rate: 24.6%
  • Median Household Income: $56,963
  • Civilian Veterans: 46,216
  • Citizens living with a Disability: 105,682
  • Relying on Public Healthcare: 263,101
  • With No Health Insurance: 41,896






Median Household Income:


Citizens with a Disability


With Public Health Coverage


With NO Health Coverage


Families Below the Poverty Level
All families 7.3%
With children under 18 years 12.7%
With children under 5 years only 12.3%
Female Householder (Single Moms) Below Poverty Level
Families with Female Householder (no husband) 27.7%
With children under 18 years 38.4%
With children under 5 years only 38.0%
Civilian Veterans


Map courtesy of govtrack.us