Trauma Centers Developed from Grant Written by Dr. Enoch

“CINCINNATI (WKRC) – Children who experience violence need the tools to help them get through it — that’s the thought behind the two neighborhood trauma centers opening in Cincinnati…. ‘So what happens in a child’s brain when they experience trauma over and over again is that it actually rewires the brain, and so without treatment, children are prone to becoming perpetrators,’ said consultant Vanessa Enoch….”

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Happy Labor Day!

On this Labor Day, I want to take a moment to reflect on all of the reasons we have to be grateful for labor unions. Middle and working-class Americans owe so much to the people who have fought and organized and worked to ensure certain rights for workers that go so far beyond this holiday weekend.

Our most basic comforts as employees – the forty-hour work week, the minimum wage, weekends, a reasonable expectation for safe and accessible working environments – have all come from people working on the front lines to guarantee fairness in the workplace.

But there’s still so much to do. We have to empower employees to have a voice in the negotiation process. At a time where profit is a motivating factor in so many policies at the national and state level, we have to remember and appreciate the leaders actively fighting for people. This also means taking a strong stand on ensuring that all Americans have access to jobs that pay a living wage, quality education that helps provide those jobs, and high-quality healthcare. Our workers deserve the comfort of not having to live paycheck to paycheck or having to decide between paying their rent or paying for medicine.

Supporting unions also means being actively opposed to movements like the misleading “Right to Work” movement that only hurts unions and workers. In fact, states that have enacted “Right to Work” policies have seen lower average wages compared to states with strong union support. Policies like “Right to Work” puts profit above people by weakening unions and affecting the ability of workers to collectively bargain. We know that workers benefit when they have a seat at the table, and when they’re actively involved in the decisions that impact their lives and the lives of their families.

I also believe that investing in unions, and our workers, starts in places like this district (Ohio’s 8th). Communities just like ours paved the way for the labor movement and, together, we can continue to work towards ensuring that we are putting people before everything – before politics, before profit, before big money.

As we celebrate a long weekend, I hope everyone keeps in mind the courage of those who organized and risked their jobs and their livelihoods to achieve what we have today. We honor them by supporting our unions and laborers and policies that benefit all of us.

A Resource for Participants in Our Democracy

You can find your representative and senators, and the legislation that affects you.

As of this writing, the GovTrack website is tracking 12,030 bills, 537 legislators, and 564 votes this year.

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Facebook Town Hall: Economic Development

“My fundamental belief system is that nobody who works fulltime in this country should have to be homeless or suffering and struggling to the extent that they can’t afford to live anywhere, they can’t afford the basic necessities of food and shelter.”

Dr. Enoch discusses economic development and job creation in a Facebook Live event.

Facebook Town Hall: Health Care Chat

“Healthcare is a right. It should be a right in this country. And it is something we have not yet acknowledged as a right. So many of us work jobs every day and we struggle to pay our medical bills.”

Dr. Enoch addresses health care costs in a Facebook Live event.

Separating Families at the Border is Immoral

I am truly outraged by The Trump Administration’s “zero tolerance” policy of separating children from their parents. As much as I believe in the rule of law, what we are witnessing in southern US Border States is nothing short of a humanitarian crisis. Every mother who has ever nursed a baby understands the pain and the horror of ripping a child from his or her mother’s breast.

Separating families is immoral, inhumane, and indefensible. This practice is a cruel and heartless. It is unimaginable that anyone would use these babies as political bargaining chips. Children are being caged like animals. This is an indictment on this administration and the current Congress; they have become complicit in facilitating this moral crisis on our nation’s soil. If we as Americans don’t stand up and speak out against this atrocity, it is an indictment on the entire nation.

I urge the faith community to come out of the shadows on this one. For far too long, us believers have kept quiet when we knew we should have spoken up. I urge all faith leaders, and anyone who has a moral center to join me in fasting and prayer for these children, to culminate in a day of action on June 30, 2018. This is not the time to keep silent.

~Dr. Vanessa Enoch

(Picture credit: Joe Brusky)