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I Signed the Anti-Bullying Pledge

“As a candidate running for Congress, I will not engage in bullying or be a bystander to bullying tactics during the campaign or once I’m elected to office. ” See the full Campaign_Pledge-signed

Dr. Enoch Debates Her Opponent

On Thursday, October 18, 2018, Dr. Vanessa Enoch, Democratic Candidate for Ohio’s Eighth Congressional District, squared off in debate against her Republican opponent, Warren Davidson. You can watch the debate here.  

I Signed the American Promise

I support amending the United States Constitution to 1) secure fair, free elections by limiting the undue influence of money in politics; 2) protect the rights of all Americans to equal participation and representation, rather than overrepresentation of donors and special interests; and 3) protect the unalienable liberty of people rather than new privileges for…

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Trauma Centers Developed from Grant Written by Dr. Enoch

“CINCINNATI (WKRC) – Children who experience violence need the tools to help them get through it — that’s the thought behind the two neighborhood trauma centers opening in Cincinnati…. ‘So what happens in a child’s brain when they experience trauma over and over again is that it actually rewires the brain, and so without treatment,…

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Happy Labor Day!

On this Labor Day, I want to take a moment to reflect on all of the reasons we have to be grateful for labor unions. Middle and working-class Americans owe so much to the people who have fought and organized and worked to ensure certain rights for workers that go so far beyond this holiday…

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A Resource for Participants in Our Democracy

You can find your representative and senators, and the legislation that affects you. As of this writing, the GovTrack website is tracking 12,030 bills, 537 legislators, and 564 votes this year. Check out the GovTrack website for yourself.

Facebook Town Hall: Economic Development

“My fundamental belief system is that nobody who works fulltime in this country should have to be homeless or suffering and struggling to the extent that they can’t afford to live anywhere, they can’t afford the basic necessities of food and shelter.” Dr. Enoch discusses economic development and job creation in a Facebook Live event.

I Signed the Pro-Truth Pledge

I have taken the “Pro-Truth Pledge”! I have pledged my earnest efforts to share the truth, honor the truth, and encourage the truth. More detail can be found at the Pro-Truth Pledge website. ~ Dr. Vanessa Enoch

Facebook Town Hall: About Me

“What it means, having a doctorate in public policy and social change, is that I understand policy.” Dr. Enoch introduces herself in a Facebook Live event.