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Trauma Centers Developed from Grant Written by Dr. Enoch

“CINCINNATI (WKRC) – Children who experience violence need the tools to help them get through it — that’s the thought behind the two neighborhood trauma centers opening in Cincinnati…. ‘So what happens in a child’s brain when they experience trauma over and over again is that it actually rewires the brain, and so without treatment,…

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Happy Labor Day!

On this Labor Day, I want to take a moment to reflect on all of the reasons we have to be grateful for labor unions. Middle and working-class Americans owe so much to the people who have fought and organized and worked to ensure certain rights for workers that go so far beyond this holiday…

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A Resource for Participants in Our Democracy

You can find your representative and senators, and the legislation that affects you. As of this writing, the GovTrack website is tracking 12,030 bills, 537 legislators, and 564 votes this year. Check out the GovTrack website for yourself.

Facebook Town Hall: About Me

“What it means, having a doctorate in public policy and social change, is that I understand policy.” Dr. Enoch introduces herself in a Facebook Live event.

Lakota West Students Participated in Walk-out by sitting in.

Today, students at Lakota West participated in the school walk out by hosting a school sanctioned time of silence to honor victims of the latest mass school shooting. Our students understand that gun violence is serious, and given the several recent school shootings, many students say they fear for their lives. They are leaders in…

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Motivate the 8th!

Join us in the Motivate the 8th Campaign! We can make history by putting a Woman in the US Congress to represent the 8th District in Ohio. The Committee to Elect Enoch is working diligently to Motivate the 8th District in Ohio. It’s time for growth, development, and progress in the 8th District of Ohio….

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