Facebook Town Hall: Economic Development

July 24, 2018

“My fundamental belief system is that nobody who works fulltime in this country should have to be homeless or suffering and struggling to the extent that they can’t afford to…

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I Signed the Pro-Truth Pledge

July 22, 2018

I have taken the “Pro-Truth Pledge”! I have pledged my earnest efforts to share the truth, honor the truth, and encourage the truth. More detail can be found at the…

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Facebook Town Hall: About Me

July 20, 2018

“What it means, having a doctorate in public policy and social change, is that I understand policy.” Dr. Enoch introduces herself in a Facebook Live event.

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Facebook Town Hall: Health Care Chat

July 17, 2018

“Healthcare is a right. It should be a right in this country. And it is something we have not yet acknowledged as a right. So many of us work jobs…

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Separating Families at the Border is Immoral

June 19, 2018

I am truly outraged by The Trump Administration’s “zero tolerance” policy of separating children from their parents. As much as I believe in the rule of law, what we are…

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I Took the Pledge

May 1, 2018

I took the pledge to not take money from the oil and gas industry, because I believe Americans deserve public servants who will put them first and make decisions that…

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Speech in Darke County

April 26, 2018

“I grew up in a family where I learned good Christian values, such as ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’ and ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto…

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Dr. Enoch’s Powerful Speech at the Women’s March

January 25, 2018

“There is an old adage that says, ‘If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.’ For far too long, women and children in Hamilton County have been on…

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