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I Signed the Anti-Bullying Pledge

“As a candidate running for Congress, I will not engage in bullying or be a bystander to bullying tactics during the campaign or once I’m elected to office. ” See the full Campaign_Pledge-signed

I Signed the American Promise

I support amending the United States Constitution to 1) secure fair, free elections by limiting the undue influence of money in politics; 2) protect the rights of all Americans to equal participation and representation, rather than overrepresentation of donors and special interests; and 3) protect the unalienable liberty of people rather than new privileges for…

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I Signed the Pro-Truth Pledge

I have taken the “Pro-Truth Pledge”! I have pledged my earnest efforts to share the truth, honor the truth, and encourage the truth. More detail can be found at the Pro-Truth Pledge website. ~ Dr. Vanessa Enoch

I Took the Pledge

I took the pledge to not take money from the oil and gas industry, because I believe Americans deserve public servants who will put them first and make decisions that are in the best interest of the people and not big money interests.