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It is time to rethink our approach to education and learning. What we have been doing is failing most students. Quality public education is critical to the well-being of our democracy.

Over 90% of students depend on public schools for their education. They deserve better than requiring teachers to spend their time teaching to tests. We should be cultivating the curious minds of our students, and equipping them with life skills, and developing them to be productive and contributing members of our society.

We can begin by bringing the community, educators, parents, and students together to craft new realities for our next generation of leaders. Let us build on what is already working, and eliminate what is not. We can use the knowledge of how students learn to design the public school of the future, which must include online/virtual learning.  It is critical that every student has access to the internet and technology. COVID-19 has taught us the importance of closing the technology gap to ensure that every child as access to a quality education.

Communities are coming together to face many current and future educational challenges. These include redistribution of public school funding, which must be equitable. No child should be penalized for living in a low income neighborhood.

We must:

  • Prepare students for the jobs and careers of the future
  • Create lifelong learners
  • Strengthen vocational programs
  • Ready access to technology
  • Value teachers by paying them well
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