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Over the past few years, violence against women has been glamorized, the exploitation of women has been normalized, and the real issues that impact women have been left off of the national agenda, moreover with the overturning of Roe, the Supreme Court has stripped away 50 years of legislation that protected women’s bodily autonomy. 33% of all victims of sexual assault reported to law enforcement were ages 12 through 17 and 34% were under age 12. Most disturbing is that one of every seven victims of sexual assault (or 14% of all victims) reported to law enforcement agencies were under age 6.

The absence of representation of women in DC means that our voices have been excluded and our exclusion has become ever more obvious than ever, as men in local and national state legislatures fail miserably in an attempt to determine policies surrounding our healthcare, economic, and social wellbeing.

Women deserve economic justice (the right to be paid a livable wage, protection from employment discrimination, and pay equity). The continual absence of women in the national legislature means that we will continue to be pushed to the fringes and ignored in Washington.

We must codify the provisions of Roe v. Wade and restore a woman’s right to bodily autonomy. To take away a woman’s right to choose how she should handle her medical decisions should be between her and her doctor, not legislators in Columbus and Washington, D.C. Legislators like Davidson want to restrict women’s right to travel out of state to secure needed health care. This cannot become the law of the land in this country. We don’t need morality police in America. Women in this country have the right to full citizenship and not to be treated like property or chattel slaves. Warren Davidson voted against the Violence Against Women’s Act, and he voted against supplying infants with baby formula. We cannot tolerate legislators who want to relegate women and children to second-class citizens.

Voting for Dr. Vanessa Enoch means that you will put a woman in office who understands the challenges of women from all walks of life. As a first-generation college grad, I come from humble beginnings. I worked my way through college and had substantial student loans. I know the frustrations of women across this country, and I will carry the message of the women from the 8th District in Ohio to Washington, D.C. I will fight for gender equality and our right to be recognized as full citizens under the Constitution of the United States. A vote for me means a win for women and our children!

Dr. Enoch will fight for women’s access to reproductive healthcare, pass laws that guard against violence against women, and ensure that women have the right to travel to any state in the Union for whatever reason they choose. This election year, it’s all on the line! I need your help to protect us from legislators who have no clue about women’s experiences.

Recently, an Alabama Supreme Court voted to restrict IVF treatment. This is yet another attack on women’s right to reproductive freedom. Vanessa Enoch will fight to codify our reproductive freedoms in the US Constitution and prevent the national abortion ban that Republicans have been threatening, but to do this, she needs your help!

Donate to help send Dr. Enoch to Congress!

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