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Our Right To Vote Is Under Attack!

Your vote is your voice in our representative democracy. The voices of ALL constituents should count and be heard, not just the interests of corporations and the wealthy. My opponent, Warren Davidson believes that his big money donors should have a bigger voice than district voters. His voting record reflects this belief, as he continually votes against the needs and interests of constituents in our district.

It is time to overturn Citizens United. Unlimited outside expenditures from anonymous donors allow monied interests to have an oversized influence on our legislation. One person should equal one vote, not one dollar one vote.

We must restore the full Voting Rights Act. In the seven years since Shelby v. Holder , voter access and rights have regressed. It’s harder to register, stay registered, and find a polling place. In recent years, including 2020, we’ve seen countless instances of voter repression and long lines at the polls. Unnecessary obstacles to voting rights negatively affect the voice of the people.

Elections must be secure and transparent. Make every vote count. Count every vote. The week of August 3, 2020, Representative Warren Davidson sent out a mailer threatening to stop absentee voting. We have had a secure and longstanding vote-by-mail system for many years in Ohio. We are in the midst of a global pandemic, and now he wants to stop eligible voters from casting votes. Davidson believes he will not win this election without tampering with our right to vote! Now he is threatening to take away the ability of voters to cast their ballots by mail!

In 2018, Russians hacked our elections with extensive disinformation campaigns. The same thing is happening this year. One month ago, intelligence officials warned House lawmakers that Russia was again interfering in the 2020 campaign. Six weeks ago, the Ohio Secretary of State announced that he would be sending every registered voter an application for an absentee ballot for November’s presidential election. This would enable everyone the ability to feel safe while voting, without fear of contracting the Coronavirus. In Ohio, we have the right to vote to vote absentee or by mail. No matter how you vote, please exercise your right to vote,

Davidson has a horrible record in Congress. His votes have been harmful to everyone in America. He recently voted against extending unemployment benefits to the 17.8 million Americans who remain unemployed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Last week, there were 1.4 million new unemployment claims nationwide. We can’t afford another two years of Warren Davidson’s reign of terror on Ohio’s 8th Congressional District.

To add insult to injury, he used OUR tax money to send out what is essentially a piece of campaign literature. Davidson has taken our votes for granted, and now he’s using our tax dollars to infringe upon our right to elect new leadership!

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