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I believe that in matters of global affairs, our priority should be to safeguard the citizens of the United States and our interests. Every year, we as citizens provide billions upon billions of tax dollars to the United States government. I will ensure that American workers hard earned money is being put to better use by funding programs that will benefit the American people rather than the military-industrial complex.
Russia’s War on Ukraine
I believe we must support our allies in Ukraine, as the defense of democratic ideals is of utmost importance. Russia, under Vladamir Putin is a global bully, and Putin will not stop with his attempted occupation of Ukraine. Putin cannot be allowed to continue his assault on Ukraine. Our global interest in Europe necessitates a strong presence in terms of support to our allies. I believe we must continue to do this in the form of providing the weapons and tools needed for Ukraine to continue to fight on its behalf without involving US soldiers.
Netanyahu’s War on Palestine
I believe an immediate cease-fire is called for in the Gaza Strip! Netanyahu’s response to Hamas’s October 7, 2023 attack on Israeli’s has been badly handled and poorly executed, and has led to the genocide of the whole of the Palestinian people. Innocent elderly, women, and children have suffered insurmountable death, famine, and torture at the hands of the unrelenting right-wing extremist, Netanyahu.
Netanyahu has failed his citizens, and he appears to have forgotten to prioritize the return of innocent civilian hostages while rather choosing to carry out a strategy to annihilate every Palestinian citizen. This war cannot continue as is, and in the wake of Netanyahu’s killing of innocent American humanitarian workers, America must discontinue all military weapons support and demand a cease-fire, and facilitate the peaceful end to this conflict, and the return of all Israeli and internationally held hostages. Learn more about this war from an Israeli scholar, who happens to be an Enoch.

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